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Backyard project

Those of you who know us are well aware of the state of our backyard flowerbeds. By state I mean the leftist weed regime that has annexed all 4 flower beds and begun a blitzkrieg into the grass. Fear not…all is not lost! Our super-great family friends (Hi Nancy & Jack!) have come to our rescue.

This weekend, we’ll kill all the weeds and bring in garden mix to raise the base level of the beds by 6 – 8 inches and fix the drainage problems the beds have. Next weekend, our plants should be here! We’ve got a couple of great neighbors (Hi Danny & Jenny!) that will be helping out with the entire thing. We owe them many a steak dinner for it too. (Although they owe us big-time for the whole dig-the-grass-out-of-the-yard project, so I guess we’ll be even =)). We’ll also be patching up the lawn in a few places where something happened to the grass (dogs, heat, weeds, whatever happens to lawns you know!?).

We’ll post before, during, and after pictures as we get stuff done so you can all see the progress. The before’s should be up later tonight.

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