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Backyard Update

We should have had these up earlier, but we’ve been busy playing with our new toy. Once we get that figured out, we should start getting better photos of everything. But I digress….

Here are the “before” pictures of our backyard beds and some shots of the prep work going into them. This past Saturday, we hauled 6 truck-loads of dirt back there (3 cubic yards total). Reasons for all the dirt is three-fold: 1) Raise the base levels of the beds to add a little drama and break up the flatness 2) Fix a few minor drainage issues of pooling water and 3) Amend the soil to provide a better environment for everything we’re putting in.

Aside from having to fix a busted sprinkler head (more like a geyser), it was actually a lot easier than I expected. Danny and I muscled the dirt to the back. Jenny spread it out and directed us around. And Wendy located all the sprinkler heads so they didn’t get covered. All-in-all it took about 7 hours and several pitchers of iced tea to get completely done.

We haven’t heard anything yet this week, but we’re still expecting our plants either this coming weekend or sometime next week. We can’t say it enough, but we really appreciate what Nancy, Jack, Danny and Jenny are doing for us!

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