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Moved to hosted server

We finally broke down and purchased a hosting plan. If you noticed some funky-ness tonight, it was because I was in the process of getting the site moved. We went from a server in the office closet to We’ve been looking at different providers for a while now and decided to go here based on the recommendation of a friend and a $50 off coupon =).

Why do you care? Well, we should all get consistently better performance and uptime with the new provider. We won’t have to worry about Todd hogging all the bandwidth with World of Warcraft. When the power goes out here, the site will still be up (it’s actually in L.A. now). It also lets us have a completely separate development area so I don’t break things while trying to “improve” them. Last but not least, I don’t have to worry about administering a server when I come home from work. I do that all day and the last thing I want to do is my job when I’m at home.

So, happy surfing and let us know how the new host works for you!

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