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Eight Months

Sorry it took so long.  You can blame it on J.K. Rowling. 

Dear Cooper, 

Last Friday, you turned eight months old.  Watch out world, here he comes!

Shortly after you turned seven months old, you started crawling.  At first, you didn’t realize you were moving, but you caught on real quick.  You love to go exploring and I never know which way you are going to turn.  You also try to pull up on everything.  Your favorites are the coffee table and the dog kennel.  Just recently, you started crawling under and through things.


You started out month 8 sick with an upper respiratory infection.  Once you got over that, you celebrated your first 4th of July by sleeping through the fireworks at Joe and Belitza’s house.  You were over the URI, but had been running a fever and you were extremely grumpy that day.  The fever went away the next day and you were back to normal.  I never did figure out what that was about.


Your Daddy and I had you dedicated at church on the 8th.  Both sets of grandparents and Momma’s grandparents (your great-grandparents) were there along with Uncle Todd.  Everyone came over to the house afterwards and you showed off your new mobility while we ate lunch.


The next weekend, Momma had a retreat to go to for MOPS, so you stayed with Daddy.  This was the first time I had left you overnight, but you and Daddy did fine without me.  That Sunday evening, however, you developed croup.  A couple hours after I put you to bed, you started breathing funny.  We could hear it through the baby monitor.  Turns out it was stridor.  You didn’t wake up coughing or anything, but I wanted to try to ease your strained breathing so I sat with you in the bathroom while I ran the shower hot.  The steam seemed to help and I put you back to bed and called the doctor to set an appointment for the next day.  He confirmed it was croup and gave you some steroids for your airway and the stridor didn’t come back the next night.  You still had a cough and drainage for several days, though.


Uncle Robert and Aunt Becky stopped through to see you on the 19th on their way to Fredericksburg for a short vacation.  I think they would take you home with them if they could.


Your little personality is really starting to show.  You are a very happy baby.  You love to blow raspberries at Daddy, and you squench up your nose and make funny faces.  You crave attention and when you don’t get your way, watch out.  We’ve started giving you finger foods: cheerios, banana bites, Zwieback toast, crackers, and you love lemons as long as no one takes them away (screaming will ensue).


I can’t wait to see what new talents you will develop in the coming months.  Time has flown by.  I just hope you’re not walking by the time I write your next letter.  Give me a few more months, will ya?






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