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Plant questions

We’ve gotten a lot of questions from friends on what everything is in the backyard. I’ve finally made a list and compiled some links so you can check everything out. Everything here is either native or naturalized. This means that they all tolerate sun, heat, and drought very well.

I would have linked to Nancy and Jack’s nursery (Texas Heritage Nursery in Bandera), but they don’t have a site. They really got us some high-quality plants!


  • Lantana – Dallas Red
    • VERY vigorous grower! I don’t know if it’s just all the rain we had this year or what, but we planted the second or third week of June and I had to cut them back yesterday.
    • These have beautiful red and orange flowers and have pretty much bloomed since the day they were put in the ground.
  • Lantana – Purple Trailing
    • See the comments on the Dallas Red Lantana.
    • As the name would suggest, the flowers are purple but the same size/shape as the Dallas Red.
    • This grows more like ground cover than a big bush which works really well for us.
  • Daylily – Happy Returns
    • Bright yellow flowers
  • Shasta Daisy – Becky
    • Picture a daisy in your head – Yep, that’s what this looks like.
  • Mexican Feather Grass
    • This is a small (2ft tall x 2 ft wide), very wispy grass. We like this because it adds movement to the flower beds when there’s even the smallest breeze.
    • This is *not* that huge pampas grass stuff you see everywhere.
  • Plumbago – Leadwort
    • Purple to blue ground cover.
    • These have been having trouble since they were overtaken by the Lantana. They’ll do better now that they’ll be getting more sun.
  • Buddleia – Black Knight
    • This gets flower clusters in the deepest color purple I’ve ever seen.
    • Another name for this one is “Butterfly Bush” which is a very appropriate as it attracts lots of butterflies.
  • Iris – Bi-Color
    • These are taller grass-like plants with wider leaves than the Mexican Feather Grass.
    • Ours didn’t bloom this year, but will look great next spring and early summer
  • Agapanthus – Elaine
    • Definitely the most showy of our beds.
    • The globe of purple flowers on a 4-foot stalk really stand out!


  • Red Bud – Texas
    • Got it in a good spot, just waiting for it to establish.
    • It should have bright-pink flowers in the spring if all goes well.
  • Crape Myrtle – Zuni
    • Yeah, yeah – calling this a tree is debatable, but that’s what we’re using them as.
    • This is another one that has bloomed since we put them in the ground.
  • Japanese Blueberry Tree – Elaeocarpus decipiens
    • This is a great looking ornamental, evergreen tree.

Well, there you have it. If you’ve got any questions, just give us a call or drop us an e-mail.

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