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Ten Months

Dear Cooper,

Yesterday you turned 10 months old.  You have such a personality that I don’t know where to start.  This month has been full of noises.  You are just like your daddy, you love to make noise.  You started out with raspberries, then moved onto raking your fingers across your lips.  You like the sound it makes when you inhale loudly and you like to make screechy, high pitched noises, too.

You are getting very close to walking.  You cruise around the furniture and sometimes let go for long stretches and just stand there.  You’ve even taken a random step here or there, but you usually collapse before you get weight on your foot.  You think really hard about it before you try to take a step.  I can almost see your brain working.  I know it won’t be long.

You’ve also started sleeping in different positions.  I always check on you before I go to bed at night and sometimes while you are napping and you move around a lot in your crib.  Recently, I’ve noticed you in several different positions.  On your back, on your side, on your tummy with your legs out straight, on your tummy with frog legs and the best one of all, on your tummy on your knees with your tush up in the air.

 We’ve tried introducing you to some new foods this month, but you are turning out to be a bit of a picky eater.  I’m trying to introduce more table foods, but either you’re not quite ready for them or you just don’t like them.  I’ve tried peas and carrots, diced peaches, diced pears, rice, bananas and yogurtYou like mashed potatoes and the occasional green bean and anything dry: cheerios, crackers, chips, etc.

You have also started taking more interest in some of your toys.  You like to take things and put them in the seat of your exersaucer.  When there are enough in there, some will fall to the floor through the leg holes and you will hear them hit and look to see what made the noise and pick them up and start all over again.  You also have started to figure out your shape-sorter bucket.  You can put the blue circle in almost every time, but you still need to work on the other shapes.  Like I said with taking steps, I can almost see your brain working, trying to figure out how things work.

You took your first big boy bath!  I had been giving you baths in the sink, but you’re getting too big for it so we decided to try the bath tub for the first time.  I think you liked it.  Now we just need to get you some more bath toys.

I almost forgot, you can now wave bye-bye and clap your hands.  I think you may be starting to say dog, but we’re still working on mama and dada.  Come on baby, please?  MAMA MAMA.  I can’t wait to hear those two syllables come out of your mouth with purpose.

I love you forever,


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