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Eleven Months!

Dear Cooper, 

Saturday you turned 11 months old.  Counting down one month to go until your 1st birthday!  You’re such a little ham!  You see a camera and you stop and smile.  And that’s not all, folks…he’s walking!!!

 I first noticed you take two steps from the coffee table to your exersaucer about a week after you turned 10 months old.  You had a toy in each hand and just took the steps like you’d been doing it forever.  I was watching you and said to myself, ‘did I just see what I think I saw!?!’  I waited a little while and you did it again.  I was so excited that I took you outside and told your daddy.  We watched and watched to see if you would do it again but you wouldn’t do it.  We tried to get you to take a couple of steps to us, but as soon as we let go of you, you sat down and crawled to us.   

We would have to wait a while to see you walk because the next morning you woke up very sick.  All you wanted to do was lie on Momma and sleep all day.  You were running a 101 degree fever and were awake maybe 4 hours all day.  I tried to get you to play with your toys, but you weren’t interested.  I put you down on the floor to crawl around and after about a minute, you wanted back in my arms.  As much as I enjoyed getting to hold you while you were being still and quiet, my heart ached for you because I knew you didn’t feel good.  I put you to bed that night praying for a good night’s rest and you woke up the next morning back to your old self with no fever.  Thank goodness! 

We went to the pool for the last time this summer and after we got home and you took a nap, you woke up like thisCrazy hair!  I had to get a picture, it was so cute!

We had a play date with Bella and Noah at Texas Jumping Beans after lunch at Jason’s Deli.  

Ok, so back to the walking, that’s all anybody is interested in anyways.  Over the last few weeks you have gone from taking the occasional step or two and not wanting to let go, to willingly letting go just to see how far you can get.  You’re getting very brave.  You will walk all over with Momma and Daddy holding on to your hand and you can take about 8-10 steps on your own before you lose your balance.  You’re going farther and farther every day.  My favorite is when you look up and see me and stretch your cute little arms up at me and walk into my arms, giggling all the way.  It’s the greatest feeling in the world.  My arms will always be open to you. 



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