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13 Months, a couple weeks late…

You can blame it on being sick and the holidays.  Most of the letter was written on December 20th, but I didn’t get it finished until now, sorry.

Dear Cooper,

On December 20th, you turned 13 months old.  You better watch out, you better not cry

Well unfortunately, I haven’t been very good at taking pictures this month.  We’ve been traveling and we’ve been sick, that about sums it up for this month. 

We spent Thanksgiving in Houston with Grandma and Grandpa Mery, Great-Grandpa Kelton, and Aunt Becky and Uncle Robert. 

We had a play date with the November babies at Jason’s Deli and Ready, Set, Play.  It was a lot of fun.

Your 12 month checkup with Dr. Spencer went well.  You weighed in at 25.7 pounds (83%), 31 ¾ inches (85%) tall, and your head circumference was back on the charts at 19 inches (93%), yeah!  He said he was very impressed with your development (walking, climbing, etc.)  The only thing he was mildly concerned about was your lack of words.  I did forget to ask if ‘Uh huh’ counted as a word, you’ve been saying that since Halloween.  You have caught up, however, and are now saying doggie, thank you (danku), and you tried to say shoe for the first time just yesterday.  Still no momma or daddy, but doggie sometimes comes out da-gie or do-dy, so you’re trying, but almost everything comes out doggie. 

You drove to Arlington with Momma so I could decorate Great-Grandma Kurtz’s Christmas tree.  We went shopping and out to eat and you were a trooper.  Grandma Niswonger had fun taking care of you while Momma decorated the tree.   

The next week you got sick with a virus of some kind and Momma spent her 30th birthday with you at the doctor’s office.  It was a wet and dreary day.  You had been running a fever for a day or two that got up to 103 and woke up with the shivers.  I was afraid it was the flu even though you had had your flu shot.  The doctor drew blood to check and said it was just some kind of virus that needed to run its course.  Your fever is gone, now, but you still get grumpy at times and still have cold symptoms, but you’re not waking in the night every few hours and you’re starting to eat more, so hopefully, you’re starting to get over it.

You got both Daddy and Momma sick.  We’re just glad that you’re feeling better. 



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