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Fifteen Months

Dear Cooper, 

A few days ago, you turned fifteen months old.  You have developed an odd fascination with laundry baskets.  If you had one toy in the world, a laundry basket would suffice.  You climb inside with laundry and bury yourself in it.  You turn them upside down and climb up on top and stand on them.  We keep some of your toys in one basket in our room and you climb into it with the toys and sit there and play.

We watched Daddy run his first half-marathon this month.  We stopped in several places to cheer him on and then met him at the finish line.  All you cared about was his finisher medal. 

We went to San Antonio for your Great-Grandpa Mery’s funeral.  It was a busy few days, but you did great and saw lots of family members that we don’t get to see very often. 

You have become quite the climber.  In other words, you climb all over everything.  I blame Great Grandma and Grandpa Kurtz, because they gave you the slide (hee hee).  You can even manage to get up on to our bed, the top of the mattress is almost three feet off the ground.  You even got out of your crib the other day, with no help from the bumper pads that were removed several weeks ago when you climbed out.

You are adding words to your vocabulary every day.  You now say nana (banana, and you know what they are), up, shoe, choo-choo, Mama and Mommy (you still don’t call me either, but you can at least say them), baby, bye-bye, night-night and several animal sounds: ruff ruff, meow, moo, quack, etc.  For most of your words, we have to prompt you and you’ll copy us, but there are a few that you say on your own.

Unfortunately, you’re getting to the age where you can’t tell me exactly what you want, and you tend to get frustrated.  The tantrums have begun.  Dr. Spencer was right, he said the terrible twos start around 15 months, and you proved him right within days.  Hopefully we can get through this without too many bumps and bruises.



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