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Sixteen Months (a little late)

Dear Cooper,

A week and a half ago, you turned 16 months old.  You and Ashley sit by the window almost every afternoon, especially if there are kids playing out in the street. 

You got your first black eye this month.  I’m sure it won’t be your last.  Just don’t go making a habit of getting them the day before a doctor’s appointment.  Dr. Spencer wasn’t surprised, he said kids your age are their own worst enemy, although this time we can rightfully blame the dog for knocking you into an end table.  Your stats from your 15 month checkup: 27 lbs. (85%), 32.5 inches tall (90%), and 49 cm head circumference (90%).

You also got your first haircut (before and after) this month (thanks Ronny).  You did so good.  You sat on Mommy’s lap and let Ronny cut your hair.  We didn’t cut it too short, though, I like your little curls too much.  You are growing up way too fast.

Mommy started working part time from home and you’ve been spending two days a week with your friend Phoenix.  Phoenix’ mommy has taken some pictures of you two playing together.  This and this are a couple of my favorites.

It had become increasingly difficult to get you to eat a good meal over the last few weeks.  Grandma Niswonger gave me a good idea and we started to use a divided plate with several options for you to choose from.  It worked like a charm.  There are some things you can eat with your hands and then some you need a fork or spoon.  You love to feed yourself with the fork, if only I can keep it out of your hair.

And as all parents of small children know: expensive toys aren’t worth it.  Give a kid a box and he’ll be happy for hours.

As far as new words go, all I can say is truck and bus.  You also say bye-bye again and again and again until we walk out the door.  If we don’t acknowledge what you are saying or pointing out, you repeat yourself and get louder doing so until we agree with you. 

Your 16 month birthday was spent in Vail.  Fortunately, but unfortunately, there was too much snow to get your picture playing in it.  You didn’t really like the cold stuff on your hands and pretty much stayed away from it.  You would walk up and down the sidewalks and go up and down the stairs to the condo with Mommy and Grandma Niswonger, whom you now call Mama.  Mama says she got you counting to six while going up and down the stairs and bye-bye bus whenever you saw a bus.  Papa Choo-Choo is now Baba.  Every morning when you woke up, the first thing you wanted to do was look out the window at the freeway and look for trucks.  I think you’re becoming a little obsessive.  Aren’t we all. 


Mommy (formerly Momma)

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