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Front Yard v1.5

Well, it’s spring and in the Mery household that has come to mean projects. Last year we did a little work in the front yard and some pretty major work in the back yard. This year we’re hitting the front yard again.

Here’s the plan:

  • Front Bed: Pull the Indian Hawthorns and Japanes Boxwoods out of the main bed
  • Front Bed: Add Penstemon Sage and some daylilies
  • Utilities: Kill the grass
  • Utilities: Screen the utilities from the street with bi-color iris, more Penstemon Sage, some purple Verbena and more daylilies
  • House: Kill the grass to the right of the garage door
  • House: Add a bi-color iris, a purple Verbena, and either a crape myrtle, mountain laurel, or a cherry laurel
  • House: On the left side where the long red-brick wall is, install two Natchez crape myrtles

Of course we’ll have to bring in dirt and then mulch everything (front and back) when we’re done. It sounds like a lot, but if the rain either holds off our moves out by tomorrow afternoon, we should get it all done this weekend.

As always, we’ll post before/during/after pictures as we go.

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