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Seventeen Months

Dear Cooper,

Sunday, you turned seventeen months old.  You started off this month in Colorado on our annual ski trip to Vail.  You enjoyed watching all the buses and trucks with Mama (Grandma Niswonger).  You also had fun with Uncle Todd and his shoes.

The week after we got back from Colorado, we drove back to Arlington to surprise Mama for her 60th birthday.  The family got together at Kirby’s Steakhouse, but Mama didn’t know we were coming.  She was very surprised.  She even shared the icing on her cake with you.

From your scraped up knees to jumping on the bed, you are definitely all boy.  You love to climb up on Mommy and Daddy’s bed and jump around and fall flat on your back.  You used to like it when we threw you on the bed, but now you can do it yourself.

You insisted on helping Daddy with the new flower beds in the front yard.  You had to be outside with him.  Every time I tried to take you inside, you would throw a fit.  You carried the shovels and spades around and climbed up on the chairs that were set up for break time.  Your poor face got so red that I think you got a heat rash even though I kept you smothered in sun screen.

You are obsessed with buses.  You point out and scream ‘bus’ every time you see one.  It doesn’t matter if it is a school bus or a charter bus, or what color it is, you know it is a bus and you want the whole world to know.  Trucks are still big with you as well, but not as much as buses.  You still call cars truck, too.  I can’t quite convince you that they are different.

When we were in Colorado, you found Mama’s toothbrush.  You now love to brush your teeth and every time you hear Mommy’s electric toothbrush, you run into the bathroom saying ‘teeth teeth.’  It is sometimes difficult for me to get you to finish brushing your teeth so we can move on to something else.  I guess it’s better than not wanting to brush your teeth, but I’m sure that will come in time.

You are learning words left and right.  You know apples, waffles, outside, feet, socks, shoes, bath, hi, hungry, eat, cookie, cracker, bar (as in cereal bar), snack (which sounds like dack) and much more.  Are you noticing a trend, most of these words have to do with food?  No wonder you are so big.  Your friends are still wearing 12-18 month clothes and you are already wearing 2T (24 month).  You are growing up way too fast.  Stop it!



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