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Site Updates

So I’m sure you’ve noticed the changes in layout to the site. The old layout was okay, but didn’t look all that great. It was really just thrown together to get us going when Cooper was born.

While the changes look big, they were actually really easy. With the help of the interwebs I found a new theme that works for both the blog and photo gallery software we use. The great thing is both themes are optimized for each other. This means that rather than fighting layouts in both WordPress and Gallery2, it just works.

Another great thing about the vSlider theme is that it’s very customizable out of the box with very little effort. You’ll see some of these customizations take place over the next few weeks.

We need to create new header images for the site. The old headers are the wrong size and the colors don’t work well with the changes we’re making. In addition, Wendy is now a Photoshop queen thanks to her work for Lesley (Hi, Lesley!). Hopefully I’ll be able to con Wendy into creating some really good headers over the next couple of days.

As always, things break with changes, so if you find anything that’s busted, let us know.

Yes, I know I still owe you photos of the front yard =). I need a clear morning to take the pictures so the light is good. It’s been cloudy in the morning here for the last week. Afternoon photos are no good because the front yard ends up backlit with the Sun in the West.

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