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Eighteen Months

Sorry this is late. We’ve been pretty busy since Cooper hit 18 months and a week long internet issue kept me busy working and not able to get this letter going.

Dear Cooper,

On May 20th, you turned eighteen months old!

We started out this month with a trip to see Mama and Papa Mery in Houston. They took you to Lindsey-Lions Park where you slid down most of the slides and swung in every swing on the playground.

After that we went to a crawfish boil with Uncle Robert and Aunt Becky. You played on a (broken) battery powered H3 almost the entire time. You love cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, tractors and airplanes, anything transportation. You point them out every time you see them.

Your Mama Choo-Choo and Great Grandma Kurtz bought you a sand and water play table for Easter. When we first put it together, we didn’t have any sand. That didn’t stop you! You had so much fun playing in the water, you were sopping wet in a matter of seconds.

You loved to ‘drink‘ out of the flower pots, but they had holes in the bottom. I didn’t get your socks off fast enough and you tracked wet footprints all over the patio.

Now that there is sand on the other side, you love to scoop the sand onto the patio and into the water. Every time Daddy or I try to build a sandcastle, you topple it over before we can add to it. We’ve started to call you Coopzilla because you constantly knock things down.

We’ve been keeping pretty busy with our schedule and unfortunately haven’t taken many pictures. I’ll try to pull the camera out more often next month.

We saw Dr. Spencer for your eighteen month checkup on your eighteen month birthday. You weighed in at 28.11 pounds (83%), are 33 inches tall (75%) and your head circumference is 50 cm (93%). He was very impressed that you know almost all of your body parts (elbows included), you have 30-40 words (the typical 18 month old has 6-10), and you were very pleasant while he examined you. You didn’t fuss at all.

Your friend Phoenix has started using the big boy potty, so we have let you start to sit on it when you ask or tell us you need to go. We haven’t had any luck, yet, but it’s still early. It will come in time.

I can’t wait until the pool opens. We’re going to have a blast this summer!



UPDATE: Since Cooper’s 18 month birthday we have successfully pooped and peed on the big-boy potty once (that was about a week ago). We have been to the pool and Cooper is a completely different animal from last year. He’s not liking it. I’m hoping I can change that pretty quick. Wish me luck!

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