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Nineteen Months

Dear Cooper,

On Friday, you turned nineteen months old. Mommy did much better this month with the pictures!

Well, it’s starting! Daddy is trying to turn you into a huge nerd and you are more than willing to accommodate him.

We haven’t had any more luck on the big boy potty. I just don’t think you’re ready, yet. It’s probably been three weeks since you have asked to sit on the potty. You do tell us when you are stinky 90% of the time, so that’s a start.

You love to push things, to be outside and to blow bubbles, so for your 18 month birthday, we bought you a bubble mower. I think it’s one of your favorite toys. You constantly ask to go ‘ahtide’ to play with your ‘mow moweh‘. The only problem these days is the heat. We try to go out in the evenings once it cools down some.

Your new favorite past-time is hooking things together. You will stand in front of your high chair for an hour hooking the safety belt. When you can’t get it undone, you beg for me to come undo it so you can hook it again. We do this over and over and over. You’ve even gotten Daddy’s backpack straps hooked together and when he went to put it on, he couldn’t.

You love to play with shoes, especially Mommy and Daddy’s shoes. You will sit and try to re-lace my tennis shoes or you put shoes on and try to walk around in them.

You got your haircut again. You cried when we walked into the salon and you saw Ronny, but eventually you got over it when Ronny let you play with his model car. Here is a before and after.

Have I ever mentioned that you are like the cutest baby ever? And now with the haircut, the cutest little boy ever?

We’ve had some ups and downs with eating. Now that you know how to say ‘no’ properly. You don’t always want to eat what I give you. And I know of no other child your age, other than you, who doesn’t like hot dogs. If I remember correctly, all your Uncle Todd ate at your age was hot dogs.

When Daddy gets home from work and the gym, you pull me into the bedroom while he is showering and make me get up on the bed. When Daddy is done in the shower, you make him get up on the bed. We usually spend an hour or so of family time playing with you on the bed. You love to jump around and fall on us. We tickle and bounce you on our legs. I hope this continues for years to come. Thank you for bringing us together for fun family time.



PS: I’ve taken quite a few more pictures than I have linked to in this letter. You can check them all out here.

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