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Twenty Months

Dear Cooper,

On July 20, you turned 20 months old. Aren’t we a cute family?

We started off with a short visit from Mama and Papa Mery. You love to climb into Mama Mery‘s lap and read.

The next weekend, Mommy and Daddy went camping out at Pace Bend Park and Mama Choo-Choo came to watch you for the weekend.

When Mommy and Daddy came home, Mommy and Mama took you to Arlington to see Papa Choo-Choo and Great-Grandma and Grandpa Kurtz. You started calling your great grandparents G-Mama and G-Papa and they love it. You also love to play in G-Papa’s truck.

While we were in Arlington, you got to play with William. He is the son of Mommy’s good friend, Martha, from high school. He’s about a month younger than you, but you share a love of goldfish! All Papa Choo-Choo needed in this picture was a red suit and a beard!

Mommy was pretty busy the rest of the month working and getting ready for the MOPS Steering retreat. I apologize for the lack of pictures outside of our travels.

You haven’t really made any huge milestones in the last month. You are becoming a shy boy around adults you don’t know very well, which, I guess is a good thing. Your vocabulary keeps growing and you’re starting to use words together, like ‘big truck’. You’ll be starting Mother’s Day Out in September and I’m waiting to see how much more you talk once that starts.

You are such a sweet boy, you give great hugs and Mommy and Daddy love you very much!



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