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Twenty-One Months

Dear Cooper,

On Wednesday you turned twenty-one months old.

Wow, I think you’ve aged 6 months in the last month. The only time I see my baby boy is when you are tired and have one of your many burp cloths and your thumb in your mouth. The rest of the time, you are such a big boy.

You are getting close to needing another hair cut, but I can’t seem to bring myself to cut off those adorable curls of yours.

I’m amazed at the way you line up all your toy cars and trucks, choo-choo’s and boats. I find them lined up all over the place and even stuffed behind the cushions of the couch. When you’re not lining them up, you are pulling them around in your wagon.

Your new favorite game is ‘Seat!’ Anytime I get up from my spot on the couch, you yell ‘Seat!’ and run and try to climb on to the couch before I can sit back down. You cackle and laugh and think it is the funniest thing ever to sit in Mommy’s seat.

You love playing outside. It’s been so hot outside, though. I can’t wait for it to cool down enough for you to spend more time outside. Any time I let the dogs out, you beg to go out, too. You push your school bus around, ride your bike and play at your sand and water table. This past week it rained and you were mesmerized by the ‘row.’ You stood by the door and watched it for long periods of time, like, ‘what is this stuff?’

You have enjoyed watching your first Olympics this month. You have never really watched a lot of TV, but the Olympics seem to grab your attention for some reason. Maybe we have a future Olympian on our hands.

Your vocabulary is moving at mach speed. You are putting several words together now and it is amazing watching you learn and grow. You now understand the concept of ‘under.’ You love to make your choo-choo’s go under the bridge and every time we go under stop lights or bridges in the car, you say ‘under.’ You are starting to understand the concept of ownership. You know ‘Mommy’s toothbrush’, ‘Daddy’s book’, ‘Cooper’s fishies’, etc. Whenever you want to read, you bring me a book and say ‘read book’ instead of just saying ‘read.’ You have also learned how to jump off curbs and steps and make a b-line toward them every time you see one.

There are two short weeks until you start Mother’s Day Out. I know you’ve been going to Phoenix’s house two days a week, but this feels different to me. More like going off to school. My baby is growing up.

I love you!


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