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Twenty Two Months

Dear Cooper,

On September 20, you turned twenty two months old.

There’s my guys! This month has been a little out of the ordinary, but you’re handling yourself like such a big boy.

You love to lay down in the bath tub, totally submerging your ears, and kick your feet like crazy. Mommy needs to start wearing a wet suit to give you a bath!

And this is why Daddy is not allowed to comb your hair after a bath!

You had your first run-in with fire ants. They got you pretty good on both feet, but you were a champ and got through it.

You started going to school this month and you absolutely love it. Every morning when you wake up, you ask ‘cool?’ You want to go every day. You don’t even whine when I drop you off and turn to leave. You give me a hug and a kiss, turn around and off you go.

Then, Hurricane Ike hit Houston and we had a houseful ‘refugees.’ You learned pretty quick that Papa Mery goes outside a lot and every time you wanted to go, you would grab his hand and drag him outside. You enjoyed riding your bike, pushing your bubble mower and playing with your golf clubs.

Your vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. It is amazing how fast you are learning and understanding different things.

Mommy loves you so very much!



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