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Twenty Three Months

Dear Cooper,

Monday you turned twenty three months old. I’m so sorry, baby. Apparently Mommy needs to pull the camera out more often. I did not take one single picture this month. We’ve been keeping pretty busy with you in school and Mommy working and doing MOPS. Next month is your birthday and the start of the holidays, so I promise I’ll do better.

But, don’t worry, Mama and Papa Choo-Choo to the rescue. You got to stay with them while Mommy was at the MOPS convention. Papa Choo-Choo took you to work with him and you got to go on a Big Choo-Choo.  You talked about it for weeks and still pull out the pictures and carry them around with you.

You are getting so big, I cannot believe you will be two years old in just one short month. You talk constantly and are starting to put more and more words together. One of your favorite things to say is ‘Daddy home bacon.’ You were watching him get dressed to go to work the other day and you were trying to get him to play with you. He said he couldn’t, that he had to get ready to go to work. You said ‘no work’ and Daddy said he had to go to work so he could bring home the bacon. So, now, every time he leaves for work or comes home from work, you ask if he brought home the bacon.

You are starting to learn your colors, and for now, everything starts out yellow. You still love your little yellow school bus and your black truck. I don’t know how many times I have searched the house for them when you can’t find them. You are very good at describing things: heavy, cold, all wet; it’s amazing to me that you understand so many concepts already. You are even starting to know the difference between football and baseball.

You are still quite the jumper and for that reason, I’m not quite ready to pull the rail off of your crib and attempt the toddler bed. I don’t think you realize that beds are for sleeping, not jumping. Just the other day, I came in from a run to find you in my room jumping off of the bench at the foot of my bed on to a pile of pillows. Daddy was relaxing on the bed laughing at you.

You are such a sweet, loving, little boy. That is until you learned how to make Mommy cry. I was putting you to bed one night and I asked if you loved me. You said ‘no’ and I pretended to cry. You got upset and I had to calm you down. The next night, same thing, you said ‘no’ and I pretended to cry. This time you thought it was funny. Now, anytime I ask you a question, you say ‘no’ and a few seconds later ask ‘Mommy cry?’ What’s funny is when you ask ‘Mommy cry?’ you say it with a quiver in your voice like you are pretending to cry.

You are a good kid, Cooper. You still have to sit in time-out every now and then, but you are still learning. You hold my hand when I ask, you go night-night without any problems, you take good naps, you give great hugs, and you love to laugh, jump, dance and sing. I couldn’t ask for anything more.



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