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Twenty Four Months

Dear Cooper,

Happy Birthday, Big Boy! On November 20, you turned two years old!

I can’t believe you are already TWO years old! You are growing up way too fast. You are definitely all boy. You love to jump off of everything, especially the bench at the foot of our bed. You also enjoy watching football with Daddy.

You are growing so big, you are already eating us out of house and home.

You love to play outside. You will play out in the backyard for hours (if I’d let you). You insist that Ashley and Colbie be outside with you. When I go outside to check on you, I usually find you pushing your cars around your play table, or chasing the dogs around.

You talk nonstop, describing everything that you or anyone else is doing. You are starting to put full sentences together. Some of the cutest things you’ve said lately is ‘go home and see me Daddy,’ and ‘go ride in Papa’s big truck.’

This month we went to Dallas to watch Mama walk in the Breast Cancer 3Day. She did an awesome job and had a wonderful experience. While we were watching the walkers, two fire trucks pulled up in the parking lot. The firemen let you sit on the truck, but you freaked out for some reason.

After Mama was done with her walk, we told her what happened and she got you a Cooper-sized fire truck. It’s your new favorite toy.

You are an awesome little boy. I love watching you grow and learn. I can’t wait to see what the next two years bring.



PS:  There are lots more photos in Coopers album and the 3Day album from this month.  Enjoy!

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