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I’m baaack!

Hello internet, it’s been awhile.  Well, we completed our second ‘tour of Texas’ in a month just before the New Year.  Needless to say, I’ve been taking it easy for a few days, trying to recover.  Jeff went back to work today for the first time in two weeks, so things should be back to normal, at least until this Saturday.  We will be travelling back to Arlington, only to drop Cooper off at my mom’s house before we hop a plane to Lake Tahoe for an adults only vacation.  Heavenly, here we come!  We will be joined in Tahoe by Danny, Jenny, Mikey, Jen, Gilbert and Kevin.  Should be a great time on the slopes and in the casinos (a gambler, I’m not).

As for our recent travels, we left on the 20th, spent Christmas in Houston with Jeff’s folks, made our way to Arlington for a second Christmas with my extended family and made it back to Austin on the 29th.  While we were in Arlington, I scanned an old family portrait from when I was around three years old.  Check it out, Cooper really does look like me! 


I know I’m behind on Cooper’s 25 month letter.  I’m hoping to get it done soon, although it may be a combined 25/26 month letter, with our vacation this next week.  We’ll see how much I can get done this week with work, MOPS and packing.

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