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Look Mommy!

While we were in Arlington, just after Christmas, my mom showed Cooper how to stack some old frosting tubs.  I was blow drying my hair when I heard the cutest little voice excitedly saying ‘look Mommy!’  My mom had told Cooper to say it and he repeats just about everything you say anyways.  I now hear that cute little phrase many times a day, thanks Mom! 

I know my kiddo is smart and I know I’m biased, but he has now put together two different seven word sentences: 1) Cooper go see Christmas lights last night (this was said the day after visiting the trail of lights) and 2) Mommy got go get more at store.

Oh, he has also put his shoes (yes, they are velcro) on all by himself.  It doesn’t matter that it takes him about 15 minutes to do it and he needs a  little guidance from daddy, but he just turned two!  Do you know any other twenty five month olds that can put on their shoes?  Just another ‘look Mommy’ moment.

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