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Twenty Five and Twenty Six Months

I think I’m finally catching up on things.  I’m still waiting on some pics from Tahoe and some from my mom from this past week.  Once I get those posted, I’ll let you know.  For now, here are Cooper’s last two letters.  Enjoy!

Twenty Five Months:

Dear Cooper,

On December 20th, you turned twenty five months old. This month started off celebrating your 2nd birthday with Mama and Papa Mery in Houston. You love your new ‘mobicycle.’ Your first Harley. You can’t quite reach the pedals, but it won’t be long.

Next we traveled to Arlington for Thanksgiving and you had a second birthday party at G-Mama and G-Papa’s house.

When we got back from our ‘Tour of Texas,’ it was time to decorate for Christmas. One problem, your slide was where the Christmas tree usually stands. So, we decided we would see how you would do sleeping in a big boy bed. You took your usual three hour nap, so we took down your crib and moved your slide into your room.

You had no problem transitioning from a crib to a twin bed. Have I mentioned how awesome you are?

You are getting so excited about Christmas! You love looking at all the lights on the houses in the neighborhood and every time you wake up in the morning, you make me turn on the lights on the Christmas tree.

You know that Santa Claus brings toys to all the good little boys and girls, so I make sure to remind you to be good.

You also like all the sweet treats that come with the Christmas season and you like to help me in the kitchen.

I can’t wait for Christmas morning, now that you sort of understand what is going on. It’s so exciting watching you grow.



Twenty Six Months:

Dear Cooper,

On January 20th, you turned twenty six months old. Another month of traveling. This month started in Houston for Christmas with Mama and Papa Mery. When I put you to bed on Christmas Eve, I told you that you had to go right to sleep because Santa wouldn’t come and bring toys until you were asleep. The next morning when you called for me to come get you, I came in the door and the first words out of your mouth were ‘Santa bring toys?’ You are so smart!

You loved the cars and trucks that Santa brought you, but I think your favorite toy was the gift given to you from Mama and Papa Mery. They got you a trash truck. You squealed with delight as you were opening it and you played with it all day. You also had fun playing Uncle Roberts video game.

We then travelled to Arlington for a second Christmas with all of Mommy’s extended family. You enjoyed playing with Bryton, Mackenzie and Samantha. You were also able to say all of their names clearly, which surprised a lot of people. Again, you squealed with delight when you opened a police car, ambulance and police helicopter.

We came home just before the New Year and we met with the November Babies for our first play date in quite a while. Everyone is getting so big!

You still really love to be outside, but the weather has been a little unpredictable. Warm one day, cold the next. When it’s warm, you spend a lot of time outside. You still can’t quite reach the pedals, but you love to ride your motorcycle (and you say the word properly now). You are a cool kid!

Mommy and Daddy went on vacation with Danny and Jenny and some other friends this month. You got to stay with Mama and Papa Choo-Choo for a whole week. You had so much fun. You got to go on a big choo-choo with Papa again and G-Papa took you on a real choo-choo ride in Grapevine. When Mommy and Daddy came back, you looked like you grew a whole foot. You are growing up way too fast!

You are able to speak in sentences, although they don’t always make sense. You have so much to say that you talk really fast and sometimes it’s hard to understand you. You are starting to use pronouns, although you still speak in the third person a lot. Right now, everything is ‘mine’. “That’s my truck, that’s my chair”, etc.

You are a typical two-year old. You try to do everything on your own and if you can’t or if someone tries to help, you throw a fit. Mommy and Daddy have to be sure to follow through with threats of time-out and spankings. If not, you will keep pushing. I know it is worth the effort it takes to discipline you, even though it can be hard. We do it because we love you and we want you to know the difference between right and wrong. We hope you will learn to always do what is right.



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