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Twenty Seven Months

Dear Cooper,

On Friday, you turned twenty seven months old. This month has been all about Mommy and Daddy running. Mommy ran the 3M Half Marathon on January 25th and Daddy ran the Austin Marathon on February 15th. You enjoyed watching us run until you realized that we weren’t going to stop when we saw you. You cried when we kept going. Daddy was so excited to finish his marathon that he carried you across the finish line!

You are such a smart boy. You can already sing your ABCs, as well as a variety of songs. Some of your favorites are The Wheels on the Bus, Pop Goes the Weasel, Five Little Monkeys, The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Jesus Loves Me. You know most, if not all, of the words and sing them to yourself while you play and in the car. You get nervous when I ask you to sing them to other people, though.

You are starting to assert your opinion about food. You tell me when you like something or when you don’t. I try to give you options for meals and let you choose what you want. If you decide you don’t like it, you throw a fit and want me to give you something else. You have gone to bed hungry on several occasions. I know that if you are hungry enough, you’ll eat what’s on your plate. I have also cut out most snacks, so that you will be hungry at meal time. I’m sure we’ll be working on this one for quite a while.

The weather has been pretty nice, lately, so you’ve been playing outside a lot. I went out to check on you the other day and you had gotten the lid off of your play table and there was sand all over the patio. I’m sure that if there was water in it, you would have been sopping wet, but it’s still a little too cool for that.

The Terrible Two’s are in full swing. We’ve had a couple of rough days. You are very independent and don’t always want to listen. I know you are just trying to figure out what you can and can’t get away with. The other day I had to take all of your stuffed animals away because you were more interested in playing with them than taking a nap. The look on your face when I put them all, one by one, into a trash bag was pitiful. You thought I was really going to throw them all away. Don’t worry, they are safe in the guest room and you will eventually earn them all back. So far, two have found their way back to their home on your bed.

We are learning together as we go. I love those sweet hugs and kisses and when you ask to ‘cuddle with Mommy’ or ‘give Mommy some love.’ Your love far outweighs the frustrations of discipline. Keep it coming!



More pics here.

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