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Twenty Eight Months

Dear Cooper,

On March 20th, you turned 28 months old. We started out the month with more travelling. Daddy had a training class in Dallas, so we all went to visit Mama and Papa Choo-Choo in Arlington for a few days. We were able to go to dinner to celebrate G-Papa’s birthday while we were there, but you had more fun dragging Mommy and Mama to the park every day.

You have been battling a cold off and on for several weeks. You’ve had a runny nose, then a cough, then a stuffy nose, etc. We’ve been alternating Dimetapp and Mucinex and they seem to be controlling your symptoms pretty well, but you just can’t seem to get over it. I finally decided to take you to see Dr. Spencer after several days of you not acting like yourself. You were grumpy and whiny and not sleeping well. Dr. Spencer checked everything out and discovered that you were wheezing. There was something in your lungs that was making you unable to get a full breath. You received a breathing treatment at the doctor’s office and you responded very well to the medicine. We brought home a nebulizer and continued to give you breathing treatments as you needed them.

We then travelled back to Arlington, where we started our journey towards Vail, CO. You and Mommy rode with Mama and Papa Choo-Choo so we could take our time and visit Great Grandma Niswonger in Longmont before heading up the mountain. Daddy, Uncle Todd and Aunt Brittney drove up on Saturday and met us in Vail.

You really enjoyed playing in the snow, although it took a while for you to ‘warm up’ to it. We can’t wait to get you on skis next year. We also took you up the gondola to the top of the mountain. You had so much fun running around looking at everything. You fell in love with the snowcat and had fun sliding down a hill on your bottom.

While we were in the hotel in Dumas, you told Mama you had to go potty. She sat you on the potty and you went pee pee like a big boy. 10 minutes later, you did it again. It looks like potty training is in our near future.



Sorry it took so long to get this posted.  I had to go through quite a few pictures and get them cropped and uploaded.  And just in time to write his 29 month letter, which I probably won’t have ready on Monday (the 20th)  :-)

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