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Thirty One Months

Dear Cooper,

On Saturday, you turned thirty one months old. This has been an exciting month in the Mery Family. Your very first cousin, Jaxon, was born on May 26th. We traveled to Houston to welcome him into the world. When we got there, Aunt Becky was just starting to push and Jaxon arrived almost two hours later. You were such a good boy at the hospital, especially having to wait in the waiting room for so long without a nap.

Later that weekend, Daddy and I decided to build a new house for us. We went looking and picked a floor plan. We put some money down on a lot and started the building process. We put our house on the market and hopefully it will sell soon, because keeping it clean with you in the house is hard to do. I keep finding little finger prints everywhere.

Mommy got to babysit Karizma and got a true , but brief, taste of what having two kids would be like. It took a little while for you to not be jealous of her, but after that you were so good with her. You were very interested in what she was able to do and the noises she made. I can’t wait until you have a baby brother or sister to play with.

Next we had a MOPS Playdate at Dawson’s Place. Boy do you love that tractor! You played on it almost the entire time we were there.

You had your very first official swimming lesson this month. I hate to say it, but you were the crybaby of the class. Because you are not three years old, yet, Mommy has to be in the water with you. You clung to my neck like a spider monkey and yelled, ‘No Mommy’, ‘I don’t want to’ the entire class. Our class meets once a week and the second lesson was a little better, but not by much.

I decided to take you to the neighborhood pool to practice and get in some time at the splash pool. You had a blast! I think your problem with swim lessons is that you have to do what the teacher says instead of what you want to do. I did get you into the big pool and you let me practice some stuff with you. I even got you to go under the water a couple of times.

We went to visit Phoenix and you guys had fun playing in the pool, on the swing set, and playing with his train table.

You are very independent and you like to ‘do it myself!’ Now if only I could interest you in using the big boy potty. You’re naps are getting back to normal as long as I keep you entertained in the mornings. After our trip to the pool, you slept for 3 and a half hours. Time to fill up your schedule with fun things to do.



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