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Months 32 and 33

Dear Cooper,

On August 20, you turned 33 months old.

You are not my little baby any more. You have officially transformed into an adorable little boy. You have thinned out quite a bit in the last few months, no more pudgy baby belly.

Back in July, Uncle Robert and Aunt Becky came to visit with your cousin, Jaxon. You were very interested in him, but were afraid to get too close. Mommy got a taste of what it would be like to have two kids. You were jealous at first, but you quickly adjusted.

You are developing quite the mechanical mind. You love to ‘fix’ your toys, especially the ones with wheels.

I’m trying to limit your TV time, so while I work out, I’m trying to get you to play in your room. Although you usually end up in the living room, you have also spent some time playing in your closet, where you found your nap mat from school. I still let you watch your ‘bideos’ while I shower, and one time I came out to check on you when I was done and found you like this.

You have been all about the hand gestures, lately. Your Daddy has taught you how to head bang to music. We’ll be riding in the car with the radio on and I’ll look back at you in the mirror and see you with your eyes closed, hand in the air, shaking your head up and down. You don’t always get the right fingers up, but it’s still really cute. You can also get your guns up: Go Tech!

This summer has been incredibly hot. We’ll hit a record number of days with highs over 100 degrees in just a week or so. It finally rained and you were so intrigued by it that you pulled a chair over to the back door and just watched it for the longest time.

The last two months have been full of transition for you and I’m sorry to say, it’s not over yet. Our house sold after just three and a half weeks on the market, which means we had to move into an apartment until our new house is built.

Mama and Papa Choo-Choo came to help keep you occupied during the move. The first day went really smooth, but Mommy got heat exhaustion on Saturday, so our friends came to help us move the last odds and ends on Sunday. Thanks Danny, Jenny, Katie and Juan! You got to spend some time playing with Karizma while Katie and Juan were helping. (Some more cute pics of Cooper and Karizma here, here and here.)

You did really well during the actual move, but the days following have been a roller coaster ride. Some days are really good, some really bad. On the bad days, it seems like you don’t know what you want. For example, you want to eat, but when I fix you something, you don’t want it, so I put it away and you cry because you really did want it. At your first swimming lesson after the move, you sat on the side of the pool and cried for most of the lesson because you didn’t want to do what the rest of the class was doing.

The good days far outweigh the bad ones, though. Your Daddy and I feel very blessed to have such a good kid.

We love you very much!


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