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Thirty Four Months

Dear Cooper,

On September 20, you turned 34 months old. Mommy’s been pretty busy this month and has not had much time for fun pictures. I hope that things will start to level off a bit and we can have some fun.

You started back to school this month. You were so excited to start but it took you a while to understand that you would be in a different class with a different teacher and new friends. You wanted to be in Ms. Faith’s class again, but this year you are in Ms. Emily’s class. You are adjusting very well and are making new friends.

I especially like the fact that you won’t take a nap at school because you are not tired, yet. That means you will take a good nap when you get home, which means extra time for Mommy. You come home singing new songs and talking about all the things you enjoy at school. I love watching you learn.

We have been stopping by our new house after school to see the progress the builder has made. So far, we still don’t have a foundation, but it should be poured any day now.

Mama Choo-Choo came for a short visit and the next weekend we travelled to Houston to visit Mama and Papa Mery and Uncle Robert, Aunt Becky and Baby Jaxon. You were so excited to see your cousin, Jaxon. The first thing you asked when you saw him was if you could hold him. You were so sweet to him; you couldn’t keep your hands off of him. You even helped Mommy feed him a bottle.

You’ve been a really good kid, lately. Keep it up!



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