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Day Out with Thomas

So, last weekend we told Cooper we had a surprise for him.  He kept asking what it was, but we told him that he needed to be a good boy and he would see soon enough.  We went out to eat for lunch on Saturday like we always do and then we told him that we were going to be in the car for a while, so it would be ok if he wanted to take a quick nap.  Luckily, he fell asleep and woke up just as we were pulling in to the parking lot.  He could tell there was something going on, but couldn’t quite figure it out.  We walked in to the Burnet Community Center and it was full of Thomas toys and souvenirs.  He enjoyed walking around and playing with all the trains, but he kept asking for his surprise, so we finally told him: he was going to ride on Thomas!  I don’t think he quite understood until we walked outside and he saw the train tracks.  A short while later, there was an announcement that Thomas was about to pull in to the station.  Jeff put Cooper up on his shoulders so he could see Thomas.  The look on his face when he finally saw was absolutely priceless!

He had such a great time riding on Thomas with all of his friends.  He had a huge smile on his face the entire time, even when getting his picture taken with Sir Topham Hatt.  On the way home he kept asking if we were going to ride Thomas again tomorrow.  I told him that Thomas could only be here for a short time and that he had to go back to the Island of Sodor to help all of his engine friends.
I think I had just as much fun as Cooper did, but my fun was all in seeing the joy in Cooper’s face.  Click here for more fun pics of our Day Out with Thomas!

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