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Chugga Chugga

This past Monday was my 11 week doctors appointment.  Since my doctor didn’t have any openings on Tuesday or Thursday, while Cooper was in school, he got to go to my appointment with me.  We hadn’t mentioned anything about the baby to him since I wasn’t really showing and he probably wouldn’t understand anyways.  He was having trouble understanding why I had to go to the doctor, so I just told him that I was getting a check up.  We waited and waited and waited some more and finally it was our turn and then we had to wait in the exam room for a while.  The waiting and trying to keep Cooper entertained is the stressful part.  (Just so you know, this won’t be happening again if I can help it, except for my 20 week sono).  The doctor finally comes in and is so sweet to Cooper.  She asks him if he went trick or treating and what he was for Halloween.  I think you know where this is headed.  The subject of choo-choo trains comes up, and of course he is wearing a shirt with a choo-choo on it. 

So they continue to talk trains while I get up on the table and the doctor starts to listen to the baby’s heartbeat with the doppler.  The heartbeat is strong and steady, up in the 160s.  Cooper is intrigued by the sound and I ask him what he thinks it sounds like.  In true Cooper fashion, he says it sounds like a choo-choo train.  The doctor and I laugh and I tell him that Mommy has a baby growing in her tummy and that sound is the baby’s heart beating.  His first response is: “the baby is riding on a choo-choo train! Chugga chugga chugga.”

Luckily, he no longer thinks the baby is riding on a choo-choo train.  I’m already starting to show a bit and he sees my belly and talks about the baby.  It is so cute.  He hugs and kisses my belly and tells me he loves ‘his’ baby.  He even gets upset when I lay on my side next to him, because he thinks I’m going to hurt the baby and he doesn’t want the baby to cry.  I can’t wait to take him to my 20 week sonogram, so he can actually see the baby. 

When I ask him if he wants a baby brother or sister, he usually answers that he wants a baby sister and then a few minutes later he’ll say he wants a baby brother.  He even told his teacher at school that he was going to have a baby brother.

I just know Cooper is going to be an awesome big brother.  I can’t wait!

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