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Months 39 and 40

Dear Cooper,

On March 20, you turned 40 months old.

Well, Mommy didn’t do too good of a job of taking pictures in February, so I’m going to combine thirty nine and forty months into one letter. We really didn’t do a whole lot in February, just trying to get back in to the swing of things after the holidays and getting settled into our new house. We put grass, a couple of trees and a decomposed granite patio extension with a fire pit in the back yard. And as soon as all the work was finished, it snowed.

Now that the weather has cleared up, you love playing in your big backyard. If only we could keep you out of the fire pit. (You like to play in the ashes.)



The month ended on our annual family ski trip to Vail. You got to go to ski school for the very first time this year! I think Mommy and Daddy were more excited about it than you were. You were a little unsure about going, but you stuck with it and ended up impressing your instructors. You learned how to make a pizza (wedge) to stop and could turn both directions. They said if you were coming back for a sixth day, you would be skiing with the 4 year olds. I can’t wait to ski with you next year.


We got to stay in Vail an extra day due to some weather. You loved playing in the snow. You would beg people to take you out to play and when we were tired of going out with you, you would play on the balcony of the condo. You would even take your cars out there to play.



I love watching you grow and learn to do new things.  You really do amaze me sometimes.

I love you,


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