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August 2010

In August, Cooper turned 45 months old and Skyler turned 3 months old.


Daddy participated in a CrossFit Competition in Dallas so we got to go to Arlington to visit Mama and Papa Choo-Choo. She took Cooper swimming in her pool and he had a blast with her. At his next swim lesson, he almost made it to station 4. His instructor said he was like a different kid; much more confident, enjoying himself and willing to try new things. Way to go, Cooper!

Skyler is growing by leaps and bounds. She is very independent, doesn’t like to be held a whole lot. She would rather just hang out on her mat, reaching for her toys. She can hold her head up during tummy time, which she doesn’t like very much.


She has successfully rolled from her tummy to her back and about two weeks later, rolled from her back to her tummy. She found her thumb and will sit in her Bumbo. She even giggles from time to time.

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We travelled to Houston to celebrate Grandpa Kelton’s 90th Birthday. It was great seeing family and friends together celebrating this special day.


We have two special kiddos on our hands. We are so incredibly blessed!

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