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We’ll be adding stuff here about us and the technologies behind the site. I’ll start listing the technologies now since it’s easy and I’m lazy. Thanks to Sohail for the great recommendations.

Techo-babble (for us uber-dorks):

As you can see from the footer, this site runs on a variety of open-source software. We’re currently hosting this at home on a Dell PowerEdge 600SC running Ubuntu Server 7.04 (bleeding edge, baby!!!). We’ve got a crap outbound connection to the interwebs (512Kb up DSL from AT&T). If Wendy actually uses this, we’ll get it hosted somewhere…eventually.

Update 6/7/2007: We’ve moved the site over to a hosting provider (DreamHost). All the tech behind the site is the same, but I don’t have to administer a server at home. The only thing that’s changed from a tech standpoint is that the provider runs true Debian Linux versus the Ubuntu Linux (Debian-based, but not Debian) that we were running at the house. Needless to say, we now have a much bigger pipe to everyone, so performance should be a lot better. Enjoy! =)

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