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August 2010

In August, Cooper turned 45 months old and Skyler turned 3 months old.


Daddy participated in a CrossFit Competition in Dallas so we got to go to Arlington to visit Mama and Papa Choo-Choo. She took Cooper swimming in her pool and he had a blast with her. At his next swim lesson, he almost made it to station 4. His instructor said he was like a different kid; much more confident, enjoying himself and willing to try new things. Way to go, Cooper!

Skyler is growing by leaps and bounds. She is very independent, doesn’t like to be held a whole lot. She would rather just hang out on her mat, reaching for her toys. She can hold her head up during tummy time, which she doesn’t like very much.


She has successfully rolled from her tummy to her back and about two weeks later, rolled from her back to her tummy. She found her thumb and will sit in her Bumbo. She even giggles from time to time.

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We travelled to Houston to celebrate Grandpa Kelton’s 90th Birthday. It was great seeing family and friends together celebrating this special day.


We have two special kiddos on our hands. We are so incredibly blessed!

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July 2010

In July, Cooper turned 44 months old and Skyler turned 2 months old.


Cooper finally found his confidence and started participating in SoccerTots. It only took a little bribery from Daddy, who promised to take him to see Toy Story 3. Since then he’s been having a blast!

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Skyler started to get really fussy in the evenings and I was beginning to think she was just going to be colicky. She was spitting up a lot and was never really ‘happy.’ When I would go shopping (groceries or whatever, didn’t matter) she would start crying 10 minutes in. I would end up carrying her, wrangling the stroller or cart and trying to keep Cooper from getting into things. It was a major pain. I called her pediatrician’s nurse and told her what was going on and they told me to bring her in. Turns out she has reflux and was put on Zantac, which seems to be helping.

We travelled to Houston for a visit with Mama and Papa Mery, Uncle Robert, Aunt Becky and Jaxon.  Look who’s walking!

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Skyler had her 2 month appointment with Dr. Ziari (Dr. Spencer books up fast). She weighed in at 10 pounds, 13 ounces (50%), was 22.5 inches long (50%) and had a head circumference of 39 cm (10%). I’m not quite sure how I gave birth to a baby with such a small head, but maybe that was God’s way of allowing me a VBAC. Thank you, God! She also started sleeping through the night. I’m not just talking 6-8 hours straight; I’m talking 12-13 hours. She is an awesome sleeper! And did I mention that she’s smiling? Love that precious girl!

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Cooper finally learned how to hold his breath under water at swim lessons and progressed to station 2. It only took 5 lessons, but hopefully the next stations will come much easier to him. He is such a silly kid with a ginormous imagination and he is an awesome big brother!

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June 2010

On June 20th, Cooper turned 43 months old. On June 23rd, Skyler turned 1 month old. We are slowly learning how to be a family of 4.

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My mom and dad came down to watch the kids so Jeff and I could celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. So much for our heli-skiing trip, maybe my body will be up for it next year? We settled for a nice dinner out and a movie, instead.


Skyler had her newborn session with Ms. Lesley and we got some amazing photos.

Next up was Skyler’s 2 week appointment with Dr. Spencer. She weighed in at 8 pounds, 8 ounces, was 21 inches long, with a 37cm head circumference. After dropping down to 7 pounds, 14 ounces after her birth, she was gaining weight like a champ and sleeping well at night. Dr. Spencer said she was doing very well.

007-copy 002

We’re trying to keep Cooper occupied so he doesn’t feel left out and signed him up for SoccerTots and swim lessons at Nitro. His first SoccerTots class started off well. He was playing around with the other kids, kicking balls around. But as soon as the coaches hit the field, he turned shy and ended up crying in the corner the whole time. His second class was a little better. He still sat in the corner, but he didn’t cry, just watched.

His first swim lesson was a little better, but not much. He freaked out when I handed him over to the instructors and it took most of the class for him to calm down. Luckily, he was able to get some one-on-one time with an instructor, so that helped.

I really hope the ‘shy’ gene that he inherited from his mother is soon replaced with some confidence. I know he would have so much fun out there.


May 2010

Now that there are two kids to write letters to, I thought I’d make it easier on myself and combine them into a monthly newsletter.

Cooper turned 42 months (3 ½ yrs) old on May 20th and Skyler made her grand entrance into the world on May 23rd. It’s been quite an adjustment for all of us, but we are loving every minute of it.

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My mom came to stay with us for a while to help me while we were waiting for Skyler to come. We kept things pretty low key and didn’t do a whole lot, just kept to our normal routine. My dad came to visit and the night before he was going back home for work, I went in to labor…at 2am…again. Not sure why both my labors started in the middle of the night, but I’m glad it happened on its own and I didn’t have to be induced. Jeff and I went to the hospital around 5am. Skyler came in to the world at 11:25am the ‘normal’ way. No c-section this time, yay! She weighed in at 8 pounds, 5 ounces and was 19.5 inches long.

003 043

Cooper wore his ‘Big Brother’ shirt to the hospital and met his baby sister for the first time.

033 064

Jeff’s parents and my grandparents came to visit and meet Skyler in the hospital. We brought her home two days later wearing the same outfit I came home from the hospital in thirty two years before.

Cooper loves his baby sister. He asks to hold her every morning. He gives her kisses and talks to her all the time. It is so sweet watching him love on her.


I can’t believe we have two kids now. Let the craziness begin!


Month 41

Dear Cooper,

On April 20, you turned 41 months old.

After we got back from our ski trip to Vail, it was time to get ready for Easter. We had an Easter Egg Hunt with our MOPS group at Berry Creek Park.

Next up was pictures with Ms. Lesley. You got to draw on my big belly and loved it!


We then traveled to Arlington so Daddy could go to Uncle Todd’s Bachelor party. We also celebrated Easter with Mama and Papa Choo-Choo.

Two weeks later we were back in Arlington for Uncle Todd’s wedding. You were the handsomest ring bearer I have ever seen!

Sometimes you are so cute, I just can’t stand it!

Love you, buddy!


Months 39 and 40

Dear Cooper,

On March 20, you turned 40 months old.

Well, Mommy didn’t do too good of a job of taking pictures in February, so I’m going to combine thirty nine and forty months into one letter. We really didn’t do a whole lot in February, just trying to get back in to the swing of things after the holidays and getting settled into our new house. We put grass, a couple of trees and a decomposed granite patio extension with a fire pit in the back yard. And as soon as all the work was finished, it snowed.

Now that the weather has cleared up, you love playing in your big backyard. If only we could keep you out of the fire pit. (You like to play in the ashes.)



The month ended on our annual family ski trip to Vail. You got to go to ski school for the very first time this year! I think Mommy and Daddy were more excited about it than you were. You were a little unsure about going, but you stuck with it and ended up impressing your instructors. You learned how to make a pizza (wedge) to stop and could turn both directions. They said if you were coming back for a sixth day, you would be skiing with the 4 year olds. I can’t wait to ski with you next year.


We got to stay in Vail an extra day due to some weather. You loved playing in the snow. You would beg people to take you out to play and when we were tired of going out with you, you would play on the balcony of the condo. You would even take your cars out there to play.



I love watching you grow and learn to do new things.  You really do amaze me sometimes.

I love you,


Thirty Eight Months

(Disclaimer: We’re trying out a new photo plugin for the site, but are still learning.  Not sure why the Christmas slideshow is not working properly, so don’t click on it.  The New Year’s one is working properly, I think; you can use the navigation bar to go back and forth and view it full screen by clicking the button on the right.  You can view all the photos the old way by clicking here for Christmas and here for New Year’s.)

Dear Cooper,

On January 20, 2010, you turned 38 months old.

Another month full of travel! We traveled back to Arlington (for the third time) for Christmas. We got to meet up with Mommy’s friends Martha and Amanda and you got to play with William and Hayden. I think we get the same picture every year with you and William sitting together in a chair.

Christmas Eve turned out to be quite an adventure. First, it started snowing. We then drove through the snow to G-Mama and G-Papa’s house. You had a blast opening presents and you had so much fun playing with your new toys. We drove back to Mama and Papa Choo-Choo’s house through the snow. Uncle Todd wasn’t feeling good and ended up in the hospital with Appendicitis.

Christmas morning was pretty quiet; Papa Choo-Choo was at the hospital with Uncle Todd. The streets were still pretty bad due to the snow and ice the night before, so the usual Christmas morning festivities didn’t happen. You still made out pretty good, though. Santa brought you lots of good stuff and you got to eat your first cookie off of Mama Choo-Choo’s Christmas tree.

We came back home, but we didn’t exactly have time to relax. On Monday, you got to come to the doctor with Mommy to find out if you were going to have a baby brother or a baby sister. You just knew it was going to be a boy, but unfortunately, you didn’t get your way. You are going to have a little sister! As soon as the sonogram tech said ‘it’s a girl,’ you were ready to leave, you were no longer interested. On Tuesday, we had a final walk-through on our new house. On Wednesday, we closed on our new house, woohoo! Uncle Robert, Aunt Becky and Jaxon came to visit and on Thursday, we all drove down to Uncle Paul’s house in Boerne for a New Year’s Eve party.

When we got back home, we were finally able to move in to our brand new house! You have a nice new room, a playroom for all of your toys and a huge back yard to play in when it gets warmer out. I can’t wait to make some new memories in this house!




(Update: not sure why the pictures aren’t showing up, go here to see them all)

We woke up this morning to big, fat flakes falling from the sky.  It was beautiful.


Of course, I couldn’t let Cooper play in it because we had to get ready for school.  But he got to play in the snow at school and he got to break in his new snow boots when he got home.


Unfortunately, the snow had died down after school and was starting to melt, so it wasn’t as fun.  I got him down for his nap and looked out the window as I was heading upstairs to the computer…big, fat flakes again…figures!

Thirty Seven Months

(Disclaimer: I wrote this 3 months after it happened, so details were purposefully left out as I don’t really remember them.)

Dear Cooper,

On December 20, you turned 37 months old.

This month started off with a trip to Houston for Thanksgiving. You enjoyed playing with your cousin, Jaxon. I hope you love your new brother or sister as much as you love Jaxon. It is so cute how you interact with him, trying to show him how to do things and how things work, even though he isn’t old enough to understand.

We took you to the zoo for the very first time while we were in Houston. We went to the Houston Zoo with Daddy’s friends Damon and Aseena and their little boy, Ashdin. You had a great time looking at all the animals and playing with Ashdin.

I just realized that every weekend this month was spent away from home. We spent the weekend after Thanksgiving in Arlington, where Mommy put up G-Mama’s Christmas tree. The next weekend, we were back in Arlington to watch Daddy’s cousin, Steve, run his first marathon.

Mommy’s MOPS group held a fundraiser where you got your picture taken with Santa Claus. At first, you didn’t want to have anything to do with Santa, but eventually, you got used to him and we got some cute pictures.

I’m looking forward to a fun Christmas with you this year.



Thirty Six Months!

My apologies for this being so late. Right after Cooper’s party, we left for Houston for Thanksgiving and I’ve been extremely busy with the Christmas rush for work. Things have finally calmed down a bit, so here you go:

Dear Cooper,

On November 20th, you turned three years old! Happy Birthday, my sweet boy!

I can’t believe you have been on this earth for three whole years. It feels like just yesterday that we were bringing you home from the hospital.

This month, Mommy and Daddy announced that you are going to be a big brother! You got to go to my 11 week appointment with me and got to hear the baby’s heartbeat, saying it sounded like a choo-choo train chugging. You hug on my ever-growing belly and give ‘your’ baby kisses. You are already very protective and sweet. You tell me that you are going to teach the baby how to play with your trains and share your toys with him. I can’t wait!

Halloween marks the beginning of the fall holidays. We had fun trick-or-treating with you and Ava’s family.

Next was Noah’s birthday party at the park. You have known Noah your entire life.

Then we traveled to San Antonio to watch Daddy run in the San Antonio half marathon. Unfortunately, Mommy forgot to pack the camera. You got to meet our friends, the Colvins, and their sweet kids, Cannon and Bryn. You and Cannon are close in age and had fun playing together, especially feeding the ducks! While we were in San Antonio, we visited with Uncle Paul and Aunt Irene. You had so much fun playing with Aunt Irene. She let you play with the pool net in the pool (a new summer job perhaps) and my-oh-my, the rocks. It didn’t take long for you to get filthy dirty, but that’s what boys are supposed to do, right?

Next was Phoenix’s birthday play-date. You have known Phoenix your entire life as well.

Finally, it was Cooper’s birthday! Your Mama and Papa Choo-Choo came in town and you had a Handy Manny themed party at Hoppin’ Hippo with all your friends. You had so much fun jumping and sliding and running around with everyone. It was a great party!

I hope this next year is as good as the last three have been!