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Todd and Brittany’s Wedding

Here are a few pics from Todd and Brittany’s wedding, 4-17-2010.

Month 41

Dear Cooper,

On April 20, you turned 41 months old.

After we got back from our ski trip to Vail, it was time to get ready for Easter. We had an Easter Egg Hunt with our MOPS group at Berry Creek Park.

Next up was pictures with Ms. Lesley. You got to draw on my big belly and loved it!


We then traveled to Arlington so Daddy could go to Uncle Todd’s Bachelor party. We also celebrated Easter with Mama and Papa Choo-Choo.

Two weeks later we were back in Arlington for Uncle Todd’s wedding. You were the handsomest ring bearer I have ever seen!

Sometimes you are so cute, I just can’t stand it!

Love you, buddy!


Todd and Brittany

I’m no professional, but I really enjoyed the opportunity to photograph an engagement session for my brother and his fiancee. They are so much fun and perfect for each other! Congratulations Todd and Brittany, 4/17/2010!

Months 39 and 40

Dear Cooper,

On March 20, you turned 40 months old.

Well, Mommy didn’t do too good of a job of taking pictures in February, so I’m going to combine thirty nine and forty months into one letter. We really didn’t do a whole lot in February, just trying to get back in to the swing of things after the holidays and getting settled into our new house. We put grass, a couple of trees and a decomposed granite patio extension with a fire pit in the back yard. And as soon as all the work was finished, it snowed.

Now that the weather has cleared up, you love playing in your big backyard. If only we could keep you out of the fire pit. (You like to play in the ashes.)



The month ended on our annual family ski trip to Vail. You got to go to ski school for the very first time this year! I think Mommy and Daddy were more excited about it than you were. You were a little unsure about going, but you stuck with it and ended up impressing your instructors. You learned how to make a pizza (wedge) to stop and could turn both directions. They said if you were coming back for a sixth day, you would be skiing with the 4 year olds. I can’t wait to ski with you next year.


We got to stay in Vail an extra day due to some weather. You loved playing in the snow. You would beg people to take you out to play and when we were tired of going out with you, you would play on the balcony of the condo. You would even take your cars out there to play.



I love watching you grow and learn to do new things.  You really do amaze me sometimes.

I love you,


Skyler Kelton Mery

Here’s just a few quick pictures from Skyler’s birth yesterday.  The “official” stats are listed below.  Mom was able to do the VBAC which is awesome!  Both she and Skyler are doing great.  We should leave the hospital tomorrow morning.  Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.

  • Born:  5/23/2010 – 11:25 AM
  • Weight:  8 lbs.  5 oz.
  • Height:  19.5″

Thirty Eight Months

(Disclaimer: We’re trying out a new photo plugin for the site, but are still learning.  Not sure why the Christmas slideshow is not working properly, so don’t click on it.  The New Year’s one is working properly, I think; you can use the navigation bar to go back and forth and view it full screen by clicking the button on the right.  You can view all the photos the old way by clicking here for Christmas and here for New Year’s.)

Dear Cooper,

On January 20, 2010, you turned 38 months old.

Another month full of travel! We traveled back to Arlington (for the third time) for Christmas. We got to meet up with Mommy’s friends Martha and Amanda and you got to play with William and Hayden. I think we get the same picture every year with you and William sitting together in a chair.

Christmas Eve turned out to be quite an adventure. First, it started snowing. We then drove through the snow to G-Mama and G-Papa’s house. You had a blast opening presents and you had so much fun playing with your new toys. We drove back to Mama and Papa Choo-Choo’s house through the snow. Uncle Todd wasn’t feeling good and ended up in the hospital with Appendicitis.

Christmas morning was pretty quiet; Papa Choo-Choo was at the hospital with Uncle Todd. The streets were still pretty bad due to the snow and ice the night before, so the usual Christmas morning festivities didn’t happen. You still made out pretty good, though. Santa brought you lots of good stuff and you got to eat your first cookie off of Mama Choo-Choo’s Christmas tree.

We came back home, but we didn’t exactly have time to relax. On Monday, you got to come to the doctor with Mommy to find out if you were going to have a baby brother or a baby sister. You just knew it was going to be a boy, but unfortunately, you didn’t get your way. You are going to have a little sister! As soon as the sonogram tech said ‘it’s a girl,’ you were ready to leave, you were no longer interested. On Tuesday, we had a final walk-through on our new house. On Wednesday, we closed on our new house, woohoo! Uncle Robert, Aunt Becky and Jaxon came to visit and on Thursday, we all drove down to Uncle Paul’s house in Boerne for a New Year’s Eve party.

When we got back home, we were finally able to move in to our brand new house! You have a nice new room, a playroom for all of your toys and a huge back yard to play in when it gets warmer out. I can’t wait to make some new memories in this house!




(Update: not sure why the pictures aren’t showing up, go here to see them all)

We woke up this morning to big, fat flakes falling from the sky.  It was beautiful.


Of course, I couldn’t let Cooper play in it because we had to get ready for school.  But he got to play in the snow at school and he got to break in his new snow boots when he got home.


Unfortunately, the snow had died down after school and was starting to melt, so it wasn’t as fun.  I got him down for his nap and looked out the window as I was heading upstairs to the computer…big, fat flakes again…figures!

Thirty Seven Months

(Disclaimer: I wrote this 3 months after it happened, so details were purposefully left out as I don’t really remember them.)

Dear Cooper,

On December 20, you turned 37 months old.

This month started off with a trip to Houston for Thanksgiving. You enjoyed playing with your cousin, Jaxon. I hope you love your new brother or sister as much as you love Jaxon. It is so cute how you interact with him, trying to show him how to do things and how things work, even though he isn’t old enough to understand.

We took you to the zoo for the very first time while we were in Houston. We went to the Houston Zoo with Daddy’s friends Damon and Aseena and their little boy, Ashdin. You had a great time looking at all the animals and playing with Ashdin.

I just realized that every weekend this month was spent away from home. We spent the weekend after Thanksgiving in Arlington, where Mommy put up G-Mama’s Christmas tree. The next weekend, we were back in Arlington to watch Daddy’s cousin, Steve, run his first marathon.

Mommy’s MOPS group held a fundraiser where you got your picture taken with Santa Claus. At first, you didn’t want to have anything to do with Santa, but eventually, you got used to him and we got some cute pictures.

I’m looking forward to a fun Christmas with you this year.




Hello, my name is Wendy, nice to meet you!  Oh…wait…this is my blog…right.  I guess it has been a long time.  Well, a lot has happened in the last few months.  Where do I begin?

Well, I guess I’ll start where I left off.  After Cooper’s birthday, we went to Houston for Thanksgiving.  The first weekend in December, Cooper and I went to Arlington to put up my grandmother’s Christmas tree, which I’ve been doing for her since high school.  Then we came home and the next weekend all of us went to Arlington to cheer on Jeff’s cousin, Steve, who ran his first marathon (White Rock).  Then we came home and was soon time to return to Arlington, yet again.  This time for Christmas, where my brother kindly ruined it for us due to his appendicits (just kidding, Todd).  Oh, and there was lots of snow and ice as well.  We came home, had a sonogram, found out we are having a girl (Princess #3!), closed on our new house, traveled to Boerne for New Years at Jeff’s uncle’s house, then came back and moved in to our new house.  Whew, that makes me tired just thinking about it all.  Did I mention this all took place in the span of about 6 weeks?

No wonder I haven’t had time to blog.  Well, I’m finally caught up with work and house stuff (mostly) so now I can import the 400 or so photos off of my camera and write Cooper’s 37, 38 and now 39 month letters.  Pictures to come soon, I promise!

Merry Christmas!

mery 2.jpg
Have yourself a ‘Mery’ little Christmas!
We wish you all joy this holiday season.