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November 16, 2011

CrossFit WOD

100m sprints 10 x 1

A1. K.B. band swings 3 x 15
A2. Pistols 3 x 8 each leg

AMRAP in 10 min.

5 Deadlift (185/135)
6 Burpee box jump
7 Goblet squat

Score: 7 rounds + 2 Deadlifts, Rx

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September 13, 2011

Marathon Training:

Short Intervals: 6 x 200m, 90s rest
Lap 1: 0:37.37
Lap 2: 0:36.48
Lap 3: 0:38.92
Lap 4: 0:39.98
Lap 5: 0:41.95
Lap 6: 0:42.93

Not bad considering we did heavy back squats yesterday.  My legs started to feel like jello on the last 50-100m of each lap.

CrossFit WOD:

SWOD: 3 rounds, 10 minute cap
20 Thrusters (unbroken)
10 Pullups (strict>kipping)

WOD: 3 rounds for time
10 Deadlifts
10 Box Jumps
200m Run

So the determining factor on the thruster weight was ‘can you do 20 unbroken 3 times?’  I know I can’t do 10 unbroken at 65 pounds, so I thought about doing 45#.  Brannon wanted it to be challenging, so I upped it to 52.5#.  For the pullups, we were to do as many strict pullups as possible before going to kipping.  Round 1: 20 unbroken thrusters (had to pause once or twice, but never put the weight down); 5 strict pullups, 5 kipping.  Round 2:  20 unbroken thrusters (had to pause several times, like every 4-5, but I don’t think I put the bar down); 3 strict pullups, 5 kipping, 2 kipping.  Round 3: 20 broken thrusters (I put the bar down at least twice, and paused several times…those sucked!), 2 strict pullups, 4 kipping, 2 kipping, 2 kipping.  I finished in less than the 10 minute cap…somewhere in the 8th minute.

The weight/height on the WOD was broken down into levels:  Level 1: 165/85#, 20/12″; Level 2: 225/135#, 24/20″; Level 3: 285/185#, 30/24″.  If I hadn’t already done sprints and the SWOD, I probably would’ve attempted Level 3.  I know I can deadlift 185# and jump 24″, but my legs were TIRED and Brannon said it was a fast WOD, so I chose Level 2.  I was the first one to call time.  I should have gone Level 3.

Time: 6:49 L2

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September 07, 2011

CrossFit WOD

CrossFit Texas Totals

Max Press
Max Back Squat
Max Bench Press
Max Deadlift

Gotta love a PR day!  My press and back squat PRs remained the same, 90# and 190#.  Bench Press went up 2.5#s to 102.5#.  I probably could’ve gotten 105, but would’ve had to change bars.  107.5 didn’t happen.  What I’m the most proud of is my deadlift.  My previous max, back in June was 200#s.  My goal today was 205-210.  I walked away at 225#!  A 25# PR!  Super stoked about that one!

Score: 607.5

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August 23, 2011

CrossFit WOD

Max Effort: Bench Press 5×5

4 Rounds for time

12 Deadlifts (185/135)
12 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
6 Hand Stand Pushups

5×5 Bench Press: 45, 65, 75, 80, 85.  My max is either 90 or 95, so I should be getting a new PR soon!

Today was a good day for some over-achieving!  I was feeling good during the warm-up and bench press, so I upped the deadlift to 155 pounds and swung the 40 pound kettlebell.  The heavier weight made the hand stand pushups more difficult because of the added stress on my core.  But, I pushed through it and still finished pretty strong.  I don’t really have anything to compare my time to as there were no weights or Rxs listed on the board, only times.  I know there had to be athletes who were able to do the workout as Rx and I know of at least one in an earlier class who over-achieved as well.  Oh well, I should only be competing against myself, anyways.

Time: 11:40 Rx+

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August 08, 2011

CrossFit WOD

10 minute AMRAP

3 Deadlifts (275/185)
6 Lateral Burpees (over the bar)

No room for over-achieving today.  This was a tough one coming off of two days rest.  185 pounds is more than 90% of my max deadlift.  Wow, can’t wait to see what my max deadlift is now, since I was able to do 3 unbroken on several rounds.  It didn’t help that everyone was telling me that I was setting the bar for their WOD in the next go-round (large class, not enough bars), either.  I had to push, couldn’t take it easy with that kind of pressure…so I put the best female Rx score on the board…for all of 10 minutes.  Staci beat me by 4 reps and Bad Ash, well, she kicked everybody’s butt with 15+ rounds.

Time: 11 rounds + 3 DL + 3 burpees Rx

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August 03, 2011

CrossFit WOD

Max Effort: Press 5×3

For time: 10, 9, 8, …, 3, 2, 1

Deadlifts (185/115)
Sit ups
50m Sprint

Last Tuesday, we did 5×5 press and I was able to get 2 reps at 80 pounds (my previous max).  Today we went for 3-rep max and I got…2 reps at 80 pounds, grrr!  Could not get that 3rd attempt up.  So, we’ll see what happens when we go for our 1-rep max…I’m predicting 85 pounds.  I’ll be really surprised if I can get 90, guess we’ll find out soon enough.

For the WOD, I went with 135#s on the deadlifts.  I tried to concentrate more on my grip, as that is a weakness right now.  I had to go to a reverse grip after about 6 reps, but when I got down under 5, I was ok.  Sit ups and sprints were not a problem.

Time: 8 minutes and change (don’t remember exactly) Rx+

Today’s warm-up included a rope climb.  The ropes have not been hung since we moved to the new gym in May, so I haven’t been able to work on rope climbs.  Before that, I was unable to get more than 4 feet off the ground and had to modify.  Today, however, was a different story.  I was determined to conquer the rope…and conquer it, I did!  I was a little frustrated at first with Howard showing me how to use my feet to ‘stand’ on the rope.  I couldn’t do it his way.  My feet couldn’t hold the rope, they kept slipping.  Bad Ash to the rescue!  She showed me how she does it (a little different than how Howard does it) and I was able to make it up the rope.  Not once, but three times!  That’s one less thing I have to worry about now…I can climb a rope!

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