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October 03, 2011

CrossFit WOD

deload on Back Squats (technique on Box Squats)
5 reps at 40% Back Squats
5 reps at 50% Back Squats
5 reps at 60% Back Squats

WOD (KB or DB)

50 Situps
10 KBS (american style) show some ears
40 Situps
10 KB Snatch
30 Back extension
10 SDLHP w/ kettlebells
20 Back extensions
10 Presses ( single arm)
10 Back extensions

Time: 7:02

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September 14, 2011

CrossFit WOD

3 Rounds for time

50 Abmat Situps
30 Double Unders
10 Hand Stand Pushups

Time: 12:15 Rx

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August 31, 2011

CrossFit WOD

Max Effort: Bench Press 3×5

3 Rounds for time:

50 Situps
10m Weighted Lunges (in the gravel)

Bench Press 3×5: 65, 75, 85, 90, 95, 100×2.  I was able to 3-rep my previous max of 95, so I went for more and was able to knock out 2 reps at 100 pounds, woot!

The WOD was a little tougher than I expected because my core was still feeling fatigued from the leg levers yesterday.  I was still able to do them all unbroken, just a little slower each round.  I used a 35# kettlebell for my lunges.

Time: 6:35

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August 05, 2011

CrossFit WOD

Max Effort: Back Squat 5×3

Team WOD

3 rounds for time

25m Weighted Lunges (25/10)
25 Pull Ups
25 Ring Push Ups
50 Sit Ups

ME: Last Thursday, I was able to 5-rep 155 pounds.  My goal today was to 3-rep 165-170#s.  I was able to 3-rep 170 pounds, which is 95% of my previous back squat max, so next week, I should have a new PR, woot!

Today’s WOD was a team WOD.  I teamed up with the amazing Staci Thomison and we rocked it!  I even managed 10 unbroken kipping pullups, that would be a new PR for me!  I also did the ring pushups as Rx, feet on a box, so I couldn’t rest at the bottom.

Time: 12:40 Rx

To top off my awesome day, I got my measurements done for the end of my Advocare 24-Day Challenge.  I wasn’t very optimistic because the scale never really moved.  However, I got my lean body mass back up to where it needs to be, and my %body fat down another 1.5%.  Net weight loss was less than a pound, but it is obvious that I lost fat and gained muscle!  I’m a happy girl!

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August 03, 2011

CrossFit WOD

Max Effort: Press 5×3

For time: 10, 9, 8, …, 3, 2, 1

Deadlifts (185/115)
Sit ups
50m Sprint

Last Tuesday, we did 5×5 press and I was able to get 2 reps at 80 pounds (my previous max).  Today we went for 3-rep max and I got…2 reps at 80 pounds, grrr!  Could not get that 3rd attempt up.  So, we’ll see what happens when we go for our 1-rep max…I’m predicting 85 pounds.  I’ll be really surprised if I can get 90, guess we’ll find out soon enough.

For the WOD, I went with 135#s on the deadlifts.  I tried to concentrate more on my grip, as that is a weakness right now.  I had to go to a reverse grip after about 6 reps, but when I got down under 5, I was ok.  Sit ups and sprints were not a problem.

Time: 8 minutes and change (don’t remember exactly) Rx+

Today’s warm-up included a rope climb.  The ropes have not been hung since we moved to the new gym in May, so I haven’t been able to work on rope climbs.  Before that, I was unable to get more than 4 feet off the ground and had to modify.  Today, however, was a different story.  I was determined to conquer the rope…and conquer it, I did!  I was a little frustrated at first with Howard showing me how to use my feet to ‘stand’ on the rope.  I couldn’t do it his way.  My feet couldn’t hold the rope, they kept slipping.  Bad Ash to the rescue!  She showed me how she does it (a little different than how Howard does it) and I was able to make it up the rope.  Not once, but three times!  That’s one less thing I have to worry about now…I can climb a rope!

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July 28, 2011

CrossFit WOD

Max Effort: Back Squat 5×5

7 minute AMRAP

4 Hand Stand Push Ups
8 Pullups
16 Situps

My max back squat is 180 pounds, so my goal was to hit 5 reps at 155 pounds (~85%).  It was tough, but doable.

The only thing bad about this WOD was the rep scheme.  We’ve never done 4-8-16 before, so I kept having to check myself that I was doing the right number of reps.  I also don’t like having HSPUs and pullups in the same WOD, but such is life.  I probably could have gone faster if I had used the smaller pullup bars, but I’m working on getting my grip stronger, so I jumped up to the new pullup rig.  My hands were super slippery today, even with chalk.  Oh, yeah…I almost got a strict hand stand push up due to a bad kip, I was able to muscle it up without failing the rep, woot!

4 rounds + 1 hspu, Rx (no abmat for hspu)

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July 15, 2011

CrossFit WOD

Partner WOD, 3 rounds

25 Pullups
50 Squats
75 Situps
100 Double unders

I partnered with Sandra and our time was 16:33 Rx.

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