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August 27, 2011 – 3M

Marathon Training

3 Mile Time Trial

Well, marathon training has officially begun!  Jeff has trained with Round Rock Fit for the last two years, but this year…it’s my turn.  The FAQ section of the RRFit website says: Our first two weekend runs are 1 or 2 mile pace finder walks or runs.  So, I was a little surprised to find out when I arrived at the park that I had 3 miles to run.  I wasn’t worried about 1-2 miles, but I was lazy the night before and didn’t feel like making breakfast ahead of time.  I didn’t eat enough for 3 miles.

Looking back through my training log from 2008, while training for the 3M Half Marathon (January 2009), I was never able to run 3 miles in under 30 minutes.  I came close a couple of times, so that was my goal: sub-30.  Thanks to CrossFit, I blew that out of the water and came in at 26:16.  I went out way too fast and slowed considerably every mile, but I was able to average an 8:47 pace.

The goal for my next long run is negative splits, each mile a little faster than the previous mile.  I’ll remember my ipod and use my playlist to my advantage to help keep my pace slower out of the gate and gradually speed up little by little.  As long as I can keep my average pace around the 9 minute mark, I’ll be happy.

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