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October 01, 2011 – 7M

Marathon Training

7 Miles

Mile 1:  10:08
Mile 2:  9:56
Mile 3:  9:38
Mile 4:  9:39
Mile 5:  9:13
Mile 6:  9:04
Mile 7:  8:30

Loving the cooler weather!!!  I actually wore long sleeves for the first 3 miles before stripping down to my tank top.  Today’s run felt a little more difficult than last week’s 6 miler, but we were on a trail instead of on roads and had to deal with decomposed granite/sand in spots.  I also didn’t stretch as much as I should have prior to the run…new location…didn’t get there early enough.

Not sure what I’m gonna do next weekend without my official pacer, Steph.  She’s running the See Jane Run half marathon on Sunday, so she won’t run the full 8 on Saturday.  Good luck, Steph!  I’ve been running ‘in her pocket,’ as Jeff likes to call it, every weekend and I’m pretty sure that’s why I’ve been running so well.  She’s very good at starting off slow and I don’t ever feel like we’re picking up the pace each mile (except for the last one :-) ).  She’s been telling me that she’s been running slow, but her ‘slow’ is faster than any of my pre-CrossFit training runs, so I feel very comfortable running with her.

Notice the average pace…exactly the same as last week :-)

Time: 1:06:07, avg pace 9:27/mile

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