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October 20, 2011

Marathon Training

2 x 4:00, rest 3:00, hold distance as close as possible on all sets

Lap 1:  884m
Lap 2:  859m

This one was a little difficult because there was a track meet at the track I usually go to for intervals.  I had to go to the church to decorate the tables for MOPS, so I just ran the parking lot a few times.  It was very windy…absolutely nothing to block the wind like at the track, which is in the middle of a county park with lots of trees.  Plus, there was a lot of loose gravel and it’s not exactly flat, so I had to be careful where I stepped.  Could’ve gone faster at a track.

CrossFit WOD:  3 rounds

15 OHS (95/65)
10 ring dips
5 Pull ups (strict)

I almost conquered my nemesis…the ring dip.  I was five away from completing this WOD as Rx.  I just got too fatigued :-(   On the bright side, I did get all the OHS and pull ups as Rx.

Time: 14:40 (almost Rx)

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