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October 25, 2011

Marathon Training

4 x 400m, 3:00-4:00 rest

Lap 1:  1:31.74  (avg pace: 6:12/mile)
Lap 2:  1:34.80  (avg pace: 6:16/mile)
Lap 3:  1:36.13  (avg pace: 6:15/mile)
Lap 4:  1:37.07  (avg pace: 6:26/mile)

Distances were off a little since I wasn’t starting at the same place each time, so I included my average pace.  I did not stop moving, I walked between each 400m.  Now if I could just string those together to get a 6:15 mile…

CrossFit WOD, 4 rounds

10 Hand Stand Push Ups
15 Kettlebell Swings
20 Wallballs

This WOD was a lot worse than it looks.  I used a 40# KB and a 14# Medball.  The first round was pretty easy…all 10 hspu and 15 kbs unbroken, 10 and 10 wallballs.  Going from wallballs to hspus…OMG!  That was hard.  I probably no-repped 4 or 5 hspus after the 1st round, usually in the first few attempts.  Hello shoulders!

Time: 18:12 Rx+

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