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October 29, 2011 – 10M

Marathon Training

10 Miles

Mile 1:  10:02
Mile 2:  9:33
Mile 3:  9:37
Mile 4:  9:37
Mile 5:  9:29
Mile 6:  9:29
Mile 7:  9:23
Mile 8:  9:19
Mile 9:  8:59
Mile 10:  8:05

Wow, was it cold!  Usually, I wouldn’t be complaining about running in 40° weather, but we haven’t run in anything less than 60° this season.  Talk about a shock to your system.  I did not warm up during the run…my two layers stayed on the whole time.

Enough complaining…I am very happy with how this run turned out.  Negative splits (except for when we sped up too much in mile 2) and check out that last mile!  My Garmin showed that the last .6 miles was sub 7:30 pace.  My last timed mile was 7:30.  If I can run a half mile at that pace after running 9.5 miles, I can’t imagine what my timed mile would be now, 7:00 perhaps?  I might just have to try it and see.  Oh, and our average pace: fastest one, yet!

11 miles next week…up we go!

Time: 1:33:03.54, avg. pace: 9:22/mile

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