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September 10, 2011 – 4M

Marathon Training

4 Miles

Two weeks ago, I went out way too fast for my 3 mile time trial.  I knew I had to pace myself for the first 1-2 miles.  I took Jeff’s advice and put myself in Steph’s back pocket at the start.  I felt like we were walking, but I knew I needed to start slow.  According to Steph, mile 1 was 10:30, my Garmin said 10:54.  Anyways, we picked up the pace for mile 2: 9:45.  Steph stopped for water, but I had some with me so I kept going and picked up the pace a little more.  Mile 3: 8:56, and mile 4: 8:52.  I finished in 38:24 with an average pace of 9:37.  I’m happy with the negative splits, but I think I may have paced myself too much.  I maybe should have started at 10:00 instead of 10:30.  Oh well, I have to run 5 miles on Thursday because of Fight Gone Bad 6 on Saturday, so we’ll see what happens if I pick up the pace a little at the start.

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