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September 27, 2011

Marathon Training

Long Intervals, 2 x 800m, 5:00 rest

Lap 1: 3:27
Lap 2: 3:38

User error on the Garmin…hit start/stop instead of lap between 800s.  Times are approximate and I’m not sure how long between the two laps, either.  In all, I’m happy.  Add those two laps together and I ran a 7:05 mile.  My current mile PR is 7:30.  And no, my legs did not like running fast after heavy back squats yesterday.  If they were rested, I could’ve gone faster :-)

CrossFit WOD

Warm up/ Focus: Turkish Get ups

Hang power Cleans (155/105)

You know it’s going to be a tough WOD when the Hand Stand Push-ups are the easy part :-)   I did, however, find out that I can hang power clean 102.5 pounds, but it is NOT pretty.  I dropped down to 97.5 for the WOD.  It’s amazing how much 5 pounds can change things.  It still took me forever.  I was able to do 2-3 at a time in the first few rounds, but was down to one at a time in the last two rounds.

Time: can’t remember…less than 10 minutes, though.

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