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September 28, 2011

CrossFit WOD

Run 1 (strength WOD)
10 x 200 m run
starting every 90 sec. together. More rest the faster you run.

5 min Break

Run 2 (WOD)

400 m Backward run
400 m Sprint forward

Looks more like marathon training, huh?  Wish I’d known, I wouldn’t have done intervals yesterday :-P   Oh well, a little more running never hurt anything.  I can tell that the interval training is working, though.  I was the fastest female during both runs today, and I beat some of the guys, too.  I was able to complete each of the 200m sprints with 45>30s rest (a little less rest each time).  I’d rather run sprints on a track, though.  Don’t have to stop and turn around.  Slows you down.

WOD time: 5:23

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